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"Valuable Addition To Chess Board Bugs " submitted on 6/ 17 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Twinkie for submitting this bug.
I read the bug about removing chess pieces with an interior decoration tool, here is a valuable addition. You need 2 players and a chessboard (not locked down). No other tools needed.

1) Player A picks up a chess piece from the chessboard and holds it on cursor, it is important just to hold it, don't set it down anywhere!

2) Once Player A is holding the chess piece, Player B picks up the chess board and puts it in hisher bag.

3) After that, Player A drops the chess piece he is holding into his bag (piece will dissapear)

4) Player B sets the chessboard back on the ground and, if done right the piece that Player A was holding will be the only piece on the board! All the other pieces have vanished!

Also: I was able to reverse the process and bring the other pieces back by doing it again with the piece left on the board, but it didn't work every time. Enjoy this wierd little bug.

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