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"Load up on that Justice Virtue as of P16 " submitted on 8/ 4 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Watto EXT AO for submitting this bug.
With publish 16 there will be a new virtue called Justice, that is gained by killing red players in felucca. There is a whole thing where if you have justice and you protect a blue in a dungeon and that blue recieves a power scroll, you get an exact copy of that powerscroll. 1st LVL Justice and protection means theres a 60% chance of you getting a power scroll copy. 2nd LVL is 80%, and 3rd LVL is 100% OSI said they had put in safeguards to keep us from exploiting the system, but they missed something. Take a red to the chaos shrine, and sit there and rez kill them gaining justice every time. After about 50 times the server will say when you kill them "You cannot gain more Justice" by then you will be a Knight of Justice. You can now go to dungeons and protect people and load up on power scrolls. For full information on the Justice Virtue System see Stratics.

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