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"Killing in pupulated areas. " submitted on 5/ 1 / 2004 IP:

Thanks to Romulos for submitting this bug.
As you all know the bug with firebombs in trammel. Let me explain.

When someone throws a firebomb (liquor + oil rag), they are ablre to be quardwacked if a NPC walks into the resulting fire.

1) Hire an NPC - fighter, begger ect.
2) spam the add party fuction, when people join, ask them to hold on for a small second, you need to talk to them.
3) once people are in your party, drop, or give them firebombs, tell them they are fun to throw ect.
4) when they are thrown, guardwack them with your NPC, by runnung it through the fire.
5)loot until your hearts content.

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