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"Getting Deamon Armor " submitted on 6/ 17 / 2002 IP:

Thanks to Bill for submitting this bug.
Since deamon armor comes from efferts all you have to do is kill em right.
this is what you do.
mark a rune about 12 screen from effert room.
this is point "A"
then go on effert roof with teleport (open door and then teleport)and mark a rune there too.this is point "B"
go to point A and telekinesis the door open.
efferts will come charging out.
then recall to point B (effert roof).
when there cast deamon spell
for some reason deamons will appear in effert room
comand deamon to "kill"
deamon will then go outside room and do all the work for you
when efferts are dead recall back to point A
wash rinse repete.

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