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"Scrool through and NPC's Quest Lists - FAST " submitted on 9/ 1 / 2005 IP:

Thanks to Bloodworth for submitting this bug.
Most npcs have multiple quests. You have to decline a quest and wait for the confirmation screen and then click to confirm. A process that's tedious if you are looking for a specific quest.

Now you can "scrool though" the NPC quests list faster and get the quest you want.

1. Pull up NPC Quest Giver health bar.
2. Be in peace mode.
3. Double-click their health bar.
4. The quest page will come up, it it's not the quest you want, double click the the health bar again and a new quest will pop up.
5. You don't have to cancel the quest, just keep double clicking the health bar and the quest will "scrool"

5. Note*** Since quests are random, the next quest might be the same quest and might appear that the method is not working, just keep clicking the health bar.

Usefull - for crafting quests (make 125 spyglasses and just do the spyglass quests)

For hunting you can select quests from different NPC's (a lot easier) were all the monsters spawn in the same relative location. That way you can go hunt in one location and complete 3-4 quests.

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